At Strubenvale Church, we are dedicated to witnessing the passionate pursuit of God’s face among our youth. We believe that, with the combination of God’s grace and their inherent potential, they have the power not only to shape the future but to transform it!

Youth Vision

Our vision for the youth is to see them actively seeking God with fervor. We recognize that as they tap into God’s grace and unleash their own potential, they become catalysts for positive change. The impact they make is not just limited to the future; it’s about a transformative influence that reshapes the present.


Join us as we encourage our youth to embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the principles of faith and the unwavering support of their community. We understand the importance of building a strong foundation in faith during the formative years, and we are committed to providing an environment where our youth can not only experience Jesus but also cultivate lasting connections with friends.


Our invitation extends to every young person seeking a meaningful experience. Come and enjoy a vibrant community where you can immerse yourself in the teachings of Jesus, build lasting friendships, and even create new ones. Whether you’re here to deepen your faith, connect with like-minded peers, or explore new aspects of your spiritual journey, Strubenvale Church’s youth community is a place where you can thrive.

Join Us

Embark on a journey of personal and spiritual growth, and be part of a community that values authenticity, passion for God, and the limitless potential within each individual. Come, experience the joy of seeking God’s face, and together, let’s build a future that reflects the transformative power of faith.


At Strubenvale Church, our youth community stands out for its vibrant atmosphere, where faith, friendship, and personal growth converge. We create a space where young individuals can authentically explore their spirituality while building strong connections with peers.

We believe that each youth possesses untapped potential. Through a combination of God’s grace and personal potential, our youth are encouraged to influence and transform the future positively. Our programs and community support provide a platform for them to make a lasting impact.

Our youth community offers a range of opportunities for personal and spiritual development. From engaging worship services and insightful Bible studies to community outreach projects, we provide avenues for growth that cater to diverse interests and aspirations.

Building strong connections is a priority for us. We organize events, activities, and small groups to encourage meaningful interactions. Our goal is to create an environment where lasting friendships are formed, providing vital support on the journey of faith and self-discovery.

Newcomers can expect a warm and inclusive welcome. Our friendly team is ready to assist and guide them in discovering the unique aspects of our youth community. Whether they’re seeking spiritual insights, new friendships, or simply a place to belong, Strubenvale Church offers a supportive and exciting environment for every young individual.

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